A Boulder Motherhood Session - She Was Meant For Me!

There are days when I question this still kinda new role as a mother because, to be frank it's hard as hell. There are temper tantrums and tears and sweating...and I'm not just talking about from my child, but from me as well (I usually hide in the bathroom when this happens). This journey I am on is one of both compete mental and physical exhaustion, but also irreplaceable joy. As I lay here with her now, I think of the ebbs and flows our life has on a day to day basis. I think they are learning points for both of us, we grow from each obstacle we encounter and we learn how to make it better the next time it crosses our path. The days that flow are simple and effortless. It feels so natural.


The truth is, I was made for this role and my daughter is my most perfect fit. She is who she is and I am who I am because of her. She was made for me and no other. She is mine, through and through. She is here to compliment me, and challenge me in the most annoyingly perfect ways. She is also there to love me in all the ways I need to be loved. Sometimes I think my need for a child was because I was in search for this perfect non wavering, non judgemental forever love - and not for me to give but to receive. She has been the most vital need I have ever had.


I do know that in my heart of hearts that my daughter was made for me.


I meet so many Mothers who want to document different parts of their journey,whether it be a maternity session or a newborn session or a session that has no specific name and is just simply an opportunity for Mothers to capture the ebbs and flows of their life together in this moment. The need for this is because these are the moments that matter. They are the times in our lives when the biggest  changes are happening and that should be celebrated, honored and remembered. 


Let’s continue to lean into this experience of Motherhood and watch how it all unfolds.