Maternities & Newborns | Capturing a Feeling

So it’s a new year, and what a grand year it will be! The beginning of a new year is the time to embark on new ventures, and I am certainly doing that! My first online workshop, Maternities and Newborns, Capturing the Feeling will be LIVE at Hello Storyteller Academy and boy oh boy is it stocked full of goodies! Come join me for a 3 weeks experience this month! I’ll be  sharing my secrets on how I connect with mothers and their families, bringing to life their emotions and stories through my images. Learn the importance of developing a trusting relationship with your clients and a safe and relaxed space to create in, all while maintaining your own voice. I will also share how I use these developed relationships, and elements such as; light, textures, and details observed during my sessions to be able to deliver a full and emotive collection of images to my clients.

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I am constantly wanting to push myself and set new goals and this course has really been one of those goals I wanted to make happen and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Are you ready? Do you want to learn and create with me? Make sure to visit the Academy and check out everything in store for you!


My course will put a heavy concentration on the relationships and communication with your clients. I feel that is one of the most important tools you, as a photographer, can use to help create images that make your viewer want to FEEL. You’ll learn to tell stories that are led with emotion.  Each week of your online course we will work through lessons, exersizes and different session senarios. As part of your experience, you will receive access to a private FB groups only for those signed up for this course, individual critiques on your images, editing and a few behind the scenes videos with Lauren Wright Photography! I will also being doing 2 live videos over the 3 week course. To sweeten the deal, I have some freebies that I will give away throughout the course on the FB page!  I hope you just got as excited as I am and I hope to see you there. The first run will begin on January 7th, so hurry and go grab your seat!