meet the maker

For those of you who don't know me, I am Lauren and I live in small town named Longmont, right in between Denver and Ft Collins in central Colorado. My town has, among other things, all sorts of land, parks and trails to explore! I love being outside, feeling the sun's warmth on my face and the wind lifting my hair like a raging wildfire. That, to me, is a feeling of absolute freedom, where there are no expectations and no responsibilities. I love the changing leaves of the Fall season, the crackling sounds under my feet when I walk and the rough, slightly sharp feeling in my hands when I squeeze them between my fingers and palms. I love the smell of earth and the sight of new life emerging from the slightly damp soil as Spring approaches. I love the colors and sounds of the outside natural world, pinks and yellows turning into deep reds and vibrant oranges as the light or the seasons change. The smell of a hot summer day's rainstorm and how it can immediately take me back to when I was 6 yrs old sitting in the garage with my Dad waiting for the rain to end so we could go back into the yard for more play time. Where I grew up on the east coast, it rains quite regularly and the season change is always one of the most beautiful things to witness.

Ive always loved to imagine that I live in a magical and secret place where I grant only specific people permission to enter. These secret places always were lined with pink delicately flowering bushes and opened up into tall hallowed out pine trees. The thick branches and multitude of freshly smelling pine needles sheltered me from all of the outside world, only letting in thin sharp rays of sunlight. Now of course, this beautiful and moody lit secret spot always called for the perfect back story and wardrobe to go along with it. As I got older, building forts and playing dress up in the woods wasn't as frequent of an activity  and my beautiful secret spot graduated into reading books and stories that somehow mimicked my perfect place. Lace and Shakespeare replaced my forts and made up stories. They make me feel romantic and mysterious, as though I could secretly and smoothly flow through a crowd of people and be completed noticed but never touched. All of these sensations and experiences are part of who I am.

When I get to experience all these sensations, memories of my early childhood start to flood my mind. I can sometimes be overwhelmed with trying to relive some of the times I spent with my siblings or parents, family pets or even just activities I would do on my own. To me, these memories are like a dream, they are brief moments revived by some sensation and I get to experience them again, even if it is just for a few minutes. 

My heart swells with love when I see a mamma growing life inside her, or a brand new baby experiencing the world earth side, or parents intentionally gripping onto the fleeting moments they share with their small children. It amazes me when I see a newborn or a child explore the world around them in a way that helps them understand it better and I feel almost blindsided by the love I am so fortunate to see in others sharing these moments together. 

I am an artist, a photographer, a dream catcher, and a vessel of memories that I want to share with you. My service to you is about about creating a feeling, telling a story and giving you heirloom imagery to last a lifetime. I want to create fine art & evocative portraiture for you to hold as close to your heart as you do the actual memories. I have so many things to share and I'd love for you to come with me on my journey! Its nice to meet you!

Photography Credit: Keziah Kelsey with Baby Rose Photography