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 Photo credit: Baby Rose Photography

Photo credit: Baby Rose Photography


I'm a serious nester, kind of to my own fault. I like cozy and lived in, but organized to a degree that I can find what I need when I need it. I love building my home, I'm growing roots here and roots are important.

I'm overly emotional, I experience every feeling to such a height that on occasion I wonder if it would be possible to just turn it off for a little. My best friend's response is always that my emotions and the way I feel is what makes me, me.

I love the sensations the earth has to offer. The sight of new budding growth that I cultivate in the spring, the feeling of cool water on a hot day, the sounds of crunching leaves beneath my feet in the fall and the smell of fresh pines in the stillness of a snowy cold day in the winter are things I look forward to.

Oh, and one day I am going to buy and rebuild a 1947 Chevy pick up truck. I have no idea how to, but I'll figure it out.