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evoking a feeling



Do you want to feel a deeper connection to your work and have others feel it too?

Being clear on your values will translate into your work and will push you to go deeper than the surface beauty of an image.

Knowing this will allow you to create deep connections and more satisfying imagery.


i understand

 I have struggled with finding my ideal clients and I know first hand how frustrating that can feel. That lack of excitement and connection doesn’t have to exist. You deserve to feel the thrill of creating images that are rooted in deep connection. Your true authenticity will shine in your work once you find your core values. I want to help you find that!

Combined with the education I have obtained and the real life field experience of photographing families for years, I have experienced both the lows and the highs this industry has to offer. Through those experiences, I have found that the only way for me to thrive (both) internally and externally in my career is to divulge my true self into the work that I want to create and not the work of others or what others may want.


here’s how it works

1. Schedule your free consultation call now! We will talk over what you are looking for and different ways I can help you can get there!

2. I will follow up with a proposal, complete with your invoice. If you feel that I have given you an appropriate path to obtaining your goals we will move forward with booking your selected option.

3. Your goals will depend on the learning opportunity you have chosen, but your overall end result will be feelings of satisfaction and confidence in what you are doing!


in person learning opportunities


1:1 in person mentorship

Are you looking to create a session where you work with ideal clients and make emotionally satisfying imagery?

Let me help you design that! We will plan everything including the styling, location and mood or emotions you are looking for! I will join you at your session, available for direction and support in all areas such as personalized guided prompts, positioning and lighting. For the final portion of our time together, we will review your images and discuss culling and editing options.

*starting at 750


1:2 bring a friend!

Looking to help keep costs down a bit?

We all have a “person”, bring him or her along! We will do everything listed in the 1:1, just with a friend!

*starting at $1200

ME! Portrait by: Baby Rose Photography

ME! Portrait by: Baby Rose Photography

event guest speaker

*investment varies


online learning opportunities


social media reviews

Are your website & social media platforms a good representations of your businesses services, style and values? Are you delivering a clear and concise message to your potential clients? Can I see your authenticity? Why, as a client, would I HAVE to work with you over another?



you name it!

Looking for some tips on the smaller pieces of the puzzle? I’m here with you to talk about what you are looking for help on! Do you want styling tips? Culling advice? Ideas for a session? Workflow assistance? Template & email wording? Let’s work through it together!



client gallery review

Do you need a second set of eyes on the gallery you are wanting to deliver to your clients? This is a quick and easy solution! I will look over your gallery, offer advice for final cull, consistency in edits, posing variety and if your full gallery has a good emotional storyline.


baby rose presets

I exclusively use Baby Rose photography’s presets for all my imagery. Each one of these handcrafted presets have been tweaked to perfect all different skin tones, bringing out certain aspects of skin and colors that can be overlooked in many over-processed presets on the market today. I highly recommend these presets if you are looking for true raw beauty of skin tones, highlights and shadows and the colors in your imagery.